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What You Will Gain

  • Explore yoga beyond the mat
  • Master over 170 Hatha Yoga poses for personal practice and teaching
  • Establish habits for a healthy body and mind
  • Immerse in an authentic yogic lifestyle with a supportive community
  • Deepen understanding of yoga philosophy and practice
  • Elevate personal yoga and meditation practice
  • Learn professional teaching standards
  • Obtain Yoga Alliance accredited instructor certification

Ready To Dive Deeper?

Our 200-hour Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, tailored to empower you with essential tools and frameworks for personal growth in your yoga journey. Gain confidence and proficiency in teaching, igniting inspiration in others. Through authentic teachings, discover the art of remaining grounded and connected with your inner self. Acquire daily routines and habits promoting abundant peace and well-being.


Guest Teacher

Kelly realized, after teaching asana for many years, that there was a need to focus on limitations and strengths of her students and practitioners. Particularly, in the modern world, with the traditions of yoga being practiced worldwide, Kelly saw a large gap between traditional teachings and the modern understanding of each individual’s unique physiology.

How to Register?

To begin the registration process, kindly fill out the online application form by clicking on the ‘Apply Now’ button provided below. We will promptly review your submission and aim to confirm your registration within two business days.

It’s important to note that our yoga certification courses in Rishikesh tend to fill up quickly. To ensure your spot, we recommend applying well in advance.

What to Expect During the Course?

Young women yoga indoors keep calm and meditates while practicin


First week, you’ll acclimate to dedicating 8-10 hours daily to your studies. By the second day, you’ll dive into teaching practice. If teaching is new to you, you might discover a newfound enjoyment in it.

Engage in insightful yoga philosophy sessions, finding inspiration in the teachings of Yogendra Nawale, the Founder. Moreover, forge connections within your group, fostering friendships with fellow students along the way.


Second week, you’ll find yourself settling comfortably into the rhythm of ashram life. Noticeable strides in your meditation and asana practice will become evident, even amidst the challenges of the ‘how to teach’ classes.

Embrace a diverse range of specialized sessions covering various yoga styles like Pregnancy Yoga, Kids Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Chair Yoga, and more. 

yoga student welcome dance
meditation and relaxing


Third week, expect to witness the culmination of your most significant physical and mental advancements, a direct result of the groundwork laid in preceding weeks.

As you continue to teach, you’ll observe a noticeable enhancement in both skill and confidence, coupled with a deepening comprehension of yoga postures and anatomy.

Frequently asked questions

Is 200 hours enough to teach yoga?

A 200-hour yoga teacher training course is widely recognized as the international standard. This comprehensive program delves into essential concepts and equips students with the skills needed to become respected instructors. Alternatively, for those seeking a more condensed option, several weekend courses offering 15 hours of instruction are readily available.

How many hours of yoga to teach?

The 200 hours of training can either come from one school or can be a combination of a 100-hour training plus 300 hours of advanced training from a different school. Advanced training is defined as training that requires participants to have completed a 200-hour training.

What is 200 hour yoga teacher training experience?

We'll cover an approachable vinyasa sequence suitable for beginners, alongside the Ashtanga primary sequence. Additionally, we'll guide various vinyasa sequences, empowering students to either teach ashtanga or craft their own vinyasa sequences confidently.

Benefits of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

You'll acquire the means to nurture your physical, mental, and spiritual wellness, experiencing noticeable enhancements in your life, relationships, and professional endeavors. A fresh career path emerges, allowing you to share your wisdom and support others on their wellness paths. The practice of yoga becomes a portable skill, empowering you to teach and inspire regardless of your location.

Food For Yoga

complete thali of satvic food

At Agastya Rishikesh Yoga , we understand the profound connection between what we eat and our overall well-being. That’s why we offer a nourishing yogic diet, rooted in the principles of Ayurveda, to support the physical, mental, and spiritual growth of our students.

Our carefully curated menu consists of nutritious, vegan, and gluten-free options, specifically chosen to enhance flexibility, stamina, and mindfulness. By prioritizing balanced and natural foods, we aim to nurture both body and soul, empowering our students on their yoga journey.

What to Expect from our 200-hour Teacher Training Course

  • The ability to confidently lead Vinyasa Level 1 and Level 2 classes, or any other class you choose.
  • Establishing your presence as a teacher, honing your unique voice.
  • Proficiency in safely adjusting key postures.
  • A solid grasp of anatomy and physiology, seamlessly integrating this knowledge into your teachings.
  • A deepened understanding of yoga’s philosophical and historical underpinnings, which you’ll adeptly convey in your instruction.
  • Mastery of yoga ethics, guiding you in both your role as a teacher and in embodying the principles of “living yoga.”
  • Confidence in leading simple pranayama, meditation, and chanting practices within your classes.
  • A strengthened connection to yoga and your personal practice, actively integrating yoga principles into your everyday life.
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