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Why in Rishikesh

Rishikesh the northan part of india  Birth Place of Yoga. Surrounded by beatiful greenery andsituated beside the holly revier of inda “GANGA”. The beauty of himaliyan range look like GOD’s home and perfect place for learn yoga to become yoga instructor. The enviroment is moderate cool and discover a inner peace.

Yoga works on the level of one’s body, mind, emotion and energy. Such holly places environment enhance the experience of ancent yoga practices. Connect your body and mind with roots of yoga in rishikesh.

Ganga River
Experience Yoga Practice Beside of Ganga River
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Ganga Aarti
Devotional Aarti of Ganga River in Presence Thousands of People
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Explore the Market, River Rafting, & Jungle Excursion etc
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Why to Choose Us

At Agastya Yoga Rishikesh, we offer a comprehensive 200-hour yoga course spanning 24 days, delivering promising results. This residential program combines theoretical and practical classes designed to deepen your personal practice and equip you with the skills required for a professional yoga career. 

Our students not only become proficient teachers but also gain profound knowledge in various aspects of yoga, including asanas, meditation, pranayama, surya namaskar, philosophy, physiology, mantra chanting, anatomy, Ayurveda, and more.

Course Syllabus for 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

  1. Introduction to Ashtanga yoga (Primary series) followed by Sun salutation A & B.
    Stretching and Strengthening Practice For Transitions and Traditional Postures In The Sequence.
  2. Standing sequence postures & use of yoga props.
  3. Seated sequence postures & Finishing sequence postures.
  4. Mysore style & Teaching practice.
  1. Introduction to Vinyasa flow and Hatha vinyasa flow.

  2. What is a difference between Vinyasa flow and Hatha vinyasa flow?

  3. Pawanmukht asana series(joints movements)
    • Series 1 – Anti-rheumatic
    • Series 2 – Digestive/abdominal
    • Series 3 – Shakti Bandha

  4. Hatha sunsalutation and Moon salutation.
  5. Asthanga sunsalutation.

  6. Asana practice
    • Standing posture
    • Balancing posture (arm, one legged)
    • Sitting posture with twisting and forward bending
    • Prone posture
    • Backward extensions
    • Inversions (upside-down)
    • Supine posture
    • Relaxing posture

  7. Restorative asanas.

  8. Teaching methodology.

    The theory is just as important as practising.

    Note- Understanding how we can create a sequence for beginner practitioners and intermediate practitioners and what you need to do in class.

  1. Introduction to Philosophy . Goal meaning & definition yoga.
  2. How to achieve the goal of yoga & importance of scriptures in process.
  3. Shruti & Smriti
  4. Indian Schools of thought astika & nastika
  5. History of Yoga- ( Classical Yoga-) Hatha Yoga
  6. Modern Yogis
  7. Types of Yoga Bhakti karma kriya kundalini,Raja Yoga
  8. Raja Yoga – Patanjali yoga intro 8 limbs and everyone will repeat
  9. 8 limbs in detail Yama Niyama
  10. Asan Pranyam Pratyhar
  11. Dharna Dhyan Samadhi
  12. First three sutra of patanjali
  13. Scriptures: Bhagwad Gita
  14. Four Castes & Four stages of life
  15. Buddhism & Vipassana
  16. Panch Klesha Avidya Asmita Raag Dvesha Abhinivesh
  17. Panch Koshas
  18. Chakras
  19. Revision
  1. Introduction to applied yoga anatomy
  2. Importance of movements
  3. Introduction to a Musculoskeletal system
  4. Understanding joint mobility and their restrictions
  5. Introduction to the muscular system
  6. Muscle contractions in detail
  7. Tension, tightness, strength weakness of a muscle
  8. Understanding flexibility & strength in detail
  9. Muscle relaxation technique
  10. Co – Activation of muscles & Bandhas
  11. Introduction to the Nervous system and stress management
  12. Respiratory system and its connection to Pranayama
  13. Introduction to the Digestive system and how Yoga helps
  1. Introduction to Pranayama
  2. Benefits of Pranayama
  3. Yogic Breathing
  4. Introduction to Ashta Kumbhaka
  5. Theoretical Knowledge and Practical experience in Anulom Vilom, Nadi Shodhan, Surya Bhedi, Chandra Bhedi, Sheetkari, Sheetali, Ujjayi, Bhramari, Bhastrika, Antar and Bahir Kumbakh, Tri bandhas
  6. Pancha Prana breathing
  7. Sequencing of Pranayama
  8. Introduction to shatkarma
  9. Practical experience of Jala neti, Rubber neti, Trataka & Kunjal
  10. Benefits of Shatkarma practise
  1. What is alignment and why it is important
  2. What is an Asana , an exercise and a movement
  3. What is ideal alignment of body
  4. How to avoid misalignment
  5. How body can be positioned to optimise the Asana and exercise
  6. 9 major joints of the body movements patterns
  7. How to move and position the joints of body with safety and avoid injury
  8. What are the best possible patterns of movements
  9. How to prepare for an Asasna
  10. How to modify and do variation in an Asana
  11. Common mistakes in Asana
  12. How to adjust students in Asanas and classes
  13. Alignment of all types Sun Salutations
  14. Alignment of standing, balancing, forward bend , backbends, sidebends , twisting and inversions.
  1. Introduction to Meditation
  2. Benefits of Meditation
  3. Importance of meditation
  4. Meditation and Brain health
  5. Meditation & it’s effect on Stress Management
  6. Obstacles in Meditation
  7. Role of Concentration in Meditation
  8. Tips for developing concentration
  9. Meditation on Body & Breath
  10. Om Chanting Meditation
  11. Tratak
  12. Dynamic Meditation
  13. Tips for Silent Meditation
  14. Ajapa japa
  15. Antar Mouna
  16. Nada Meditation
  1. Sound healing
  2. Keertan meditation
  3. Beach yoga
  4. Yin yoga
  5. Partner yoga
  6. Iyenger class

    Note:- all these additional classes are not part of the course but are included additionally

Daily Schedule for 200 Hour Yoga TTC

05:00 Am

Walk Up

06:00 - 07:00 Am

Shatkarma & Pranayama

07:30 - 09:00 Am

Hatha Yoga

09:00 - 10:00 Am


10:30 - 11:30 Am


12:00 - 01:00 Pm


01:10 - 02:00 Pm


02:00 - 03:00 Pm

Self Study / Rest

03:00 - 04:00 Pm

Adjustment / Alignment

04:15 - 05:45 Pm

Ashtanga Vinyasa

06:00 - 06:45 Pm


07:00 - 08:00 Pm


08:00 - 09:00 Pm

Self Study / Rest

Course Timeline

Check in

Date: 2nd of Month
Time: 10:00 AM

Opening Ceremony

Date: 2nd of Month
Time: 04:00 PM

Certification Ceremony

Date: 24th of Month
Time: 04:00 AM

Opening Ceremony

Date: 25th of Month
Time: 10:00 AM

23 Nights/24 Days of Private or Shared Accommodation

Yoga Books

Cleansing Kit

Theoretical and Practical Skills

Evening Ganga Beach Meditation

Weekend excursions

24-hour reception available

A low-cost laundry service/ washing machine available.

Market nearby

Ayurveda Session

1 Full Body Ayurvedic Massage

Notebooks and pens

Training Manual

Fire Ceremony

Daily Nutritious Vegetarian, Gluten free, Vegan meals and tea

CCTV surveillance

24-hour water supply

Ganga is close to sit and meditate

Wifi Access


Air fare

Air-conditioner- 150 USD Extra

Room Heater – 150 USD Extra


Please Carry a White Dress For Course Cermony

As for Yoga gear, we recommend carrying a couple of pairs of leggings or yoga pants and supportive tops, especially if you have a favorite style.

Pants (for yoga, town, travel, hiking)

Tops (for yoga, short or long sleeved shirts for other activities)

Outer layer (sweatshirt or light jacket/fleece)


Sandals or flip-flops

Please carry a bath towel

Yoga Mat:

Our schools offer mats however, if you are used to use your own, bring one from home.

We Provide You All The Course Material


Carry essentials like deodorants, mosquito-repellents, sanitary towels, these are all you can buy From Nearby Shop locally

Generally Things Like Soap Or Shampoo You Can Carry With You, Also You can Buy From Here with the nearby Shop.


Yoga Schools usually offer Saatvic vegetarian meals. If you are not used to a completely vegetarian meal, we recommend carrying your supplements or multivitamins.

In addition carry your supply of prescription medicines, medicines for allergies, flu, muscle pains or even eye drops for dryness.

Note: All classes are mandatory only in case of an emergency or illness one can take leave with respected teacher permission. Uninformed leaves won’t be accepted and this will leave bad impression on student monthly performance.

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2 Jun - 25 Jun 2024

Seats: 3 left

2 Aug - 25 Aug 2024

Seats: 7 left

2 Oct - 25 Oct 2024

Seats: 7 left

2 Dec - 25 Dec 2024

Seats: 9 left

2 Feb - 25 Feb 2025

Seats: 15 left

2 Jul - 25 Jul 2024

Seats: 5 left

2 Sep - 25 Sep 2024

Seats: 7 left

2 Nov - 25 Nov 2024

Seats: 9 left

2 Jan - 25 Jan 2025

Seats: 13 left

2 Mar - 25 Mar 2025

Seats: 18 left




₹ 49,999/-


₹ 39,999/-





₹ 24,999/-


₹ 29,999/-



Our Expert Teacher

Yogendra Nawale

Pradeep Singh

Shatveer Singh Rana Guest Teacher

Shatvir Singh Rana



Soul flourishes in a healthy body in the same way our physical body requires a healthy, safe and hygienic atmosphere. Agastya Rishikesh Yoga has situated in a peaceful place and surrounded by lush green mountains and fields.

Keeping in mind our rooms are designed according to yoga teacher training course. Our rooms are spacious and ventilated. Our management is always your service to keep your rooms clean and hygienic.

complete thali of satvic food


Food Whatever we eat can affect our mental and physical body. Eating balanced and nutritious food is very important for yogis. Yogic Diet is based on natural healing, rejuvenating and energizing elements from the revered science of Ayurveda.

It is a perfect food for nourishing the mind, body and souls of budding yogis.

So Vinyasa Yoga Ashram provides you yogic food which helps you physically in increasing your flexibility and stamina, mentally it helps you in being aware of your thoughts and breath. We are very adamant about bringing nutritious, vegan and gluten-free food for our students.


Rishikesh is situated on the land of the divine and spirituality. To experience the beauty and the enthusiasm of the city of Yoga, Let’s visit the sacred places of Rishikesh

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