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Training Yoga Instructor In Rishikesh
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Best Professional Yoga Training in Rishikesh

When it comes to training aspiring yoga teachers in Rishikesh, look no further than the Association of Yoga and Meditation.

Since our establishment, we’ve dedicated ourselves to offering top-notch instruction to all yoga enthusiasts. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our professional yoga therapy teacher training programs. 

Professional Training Yoga Instructor In Rishikesh

At our core philosophy lies the belief that to become a skilled yoga teacher, one must first embody the qualities of a dedicated student. At the Association of Yoga and Meditation, we emphasize the importance of learning before teaching. Our professional courses are curated by renowned experts who have honed yoga instructors nationwide and are committed to imparting their knowledge to you. 

Pradeep Singh Hatha Yoga Teacher


Pradeep Singh
Hatha Yoga Teacher

Experienced and passionate 500-hour certified Yoga Instructor with over four years of teaching beginner, experienced, and advanced training in Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin, and Vinyasa approaches. Along with over 4 years experience teaching meditation and pranayama.

Get Started With A Career In Yoga

half lord of the fishes pose ardha matsyendrasana

Focus on the Best Of Yoga With Agastya

Our yoga teacher training program caters to all individuals aspiring to become professional yoga instructors. While the fundamental principle of yoga revolves around using the body fluidly and cultivating strength, we understand that access to amenities and resources is often essential for optimal training. Rest assured, we provide our students with the necessary support and resources during training sessions. 

Affordable Price Structure to Suit Yoga

Our journey ensures you receive unparalleled exposure, which you can then impart to your students as you progress in your practice.

We understand the significance of affordability in pursuing your dreams of becoming a yoga instructor.

That’s why we’ve endeavored to maintain an exceptionally reasonable price range, ensuring that financial constraints don’t hinder your aspirations. 

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Dancer Pose | Lord of the Dance Pose Natarajasana

Training Yoga Instructor In Rishikesh

Many would concur that enhancing your expertise is best achieved through certification. And when that certification is globally recognized, the benefits are unparalleled. At the Association for Yoga and Meditation, we’ve got you covered.

For the most reputable and dependable Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) certification in Rishikesh, reach out to us. Let us guide you toward a promising career path.

Frequently asked questions

How do you become a certified yoga trainer?

Learn yoga. Complete a training course. Get registered. Become certified in CPR. Decide what type of yoga teacher you want to be. Begin teaching classes. Maintain certifications

Which certificate is best for yoga teacher?

Yoga 200: Dive into a comprehensive 200-hour online yoga teacher training program approved by the Yoga Alliance. Ideal for aspiring instructors seeking certification as a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) and ready to kickstart their professional yoga journey.

How many years is a yoga course?

The duration of a yoga course can vary from one to three years. The selection of electives within the curriculum is influenced by the type of degree, as both undergraduate and postgraduate programs offer Science and Arts degrees in yoga.

Can I get yoga certificate online?

Embark on a journey to master traditional Hatha and Ashtanga yoga, meditation, pranayama, philosophy, anatomy, and teaching methodology. Upon completion of this RYT 200 online yoga program, you'll earn certification as a yoga instructor, recognized by the Yoga Alliance, empowering you to teach yoga globally.

Food For Yoga

complete thali of satvic food

At Agastya Rishikesh Yoga , we understand the profound connection between what we eat and our overall well-being. That’s why we offer a nourishing yogic diet, rooted in the principles of Ayurveda, to support the physical, mental, and spiritual growth of our students.

Our carefully curated menu consists of nutritious, vegan, and gluten-free options, specifically chosen to enhance flexibility, stamina, and mindfulness. By prioritizing balanced and natural foods, we aim to nurture both body and soul, empowering our students on their yoga journey.

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