General Conditions

Article 1 – Definitions

In these general conditions the following terms apply:
  • General Conditions: The clauses mentioned in article 1 until 18.2 which form part of the study agreement between the client and Agastya Yoga.
  • Agastya Yoga: Agastya Yoga India
  • Course Fees: The complete fee of the offered training including registration fee, as mentioned on the website.
  • Client: Any individual or any corporation following a training with Agastya Yoga against payment of the course fees.
  • Consumer: Any individual acting outside of a professional or corporal activity as defined in article 6:230g part 1 sub a of the civil code (Uttarakhand).
  • Participant: The one who, different from the client, follows a training which is provided by Agastya Yoga.
  • Training: A by Agastya Yoga organized training, education, retraining or continuing education, course, workshop or any other form of education.
  • Educational Material: Educational material, class material or instruction material, documentation or any other material in whatever form used as a part of the training.
  • Request: The request by the client to Agastya Yoga to follow a training with Agastya Yoga.
  • Study Agreement: The agreement between Agastya Yoga and the client concerning the organization of a training by Agastya Yoga. The study agreement can be established by a long distance agreement.
  • Long Distance Agreement: A study agreement concluded by using exclusively one or several methods of long distance communication as stated in art. 6:230g part 1 sub e in the civil code (Uttarakhand), such as electronic communication.
  • Digital Registration Form: The registration form made available online or by e-mail to the client in order to sign up for a training.
  • Electronic Communication: Digital content sent to one or several recipients of an email address as well as digital content sent from the Website.
  • Agastya Yoga Exam: The exam that is an integral part of the relevant course and is executed by Agastya Yoga.
  • Agastya Yoga Exam Regulations: The education and exam regulations operative at the time of registration for a training
  • Circumstances Beyond Control: The disruption of the will of Agastya Yoga to fulfill the agreement whereby this fulfillment can be temporarily or permanently prevented.
  • Website: The websites of Agastya Yoga:

Article 2 – Applicability

  • By registering for a training, the client accepts the applicability of the general conditions. Agastya Yoga strongly rejects the applicability of the general conditions of the client, however named.
  • Deviations from the general conditions are impossible unless specifically agreed upon in writing between Agastya Yoga and the client. In the general conditions, in writing means among others: any form of electronic communication.
  • In any circumstance which is not covered by the study agreement and the general conditions, Agastya Yoga will make a reasonable settlement.
  • The (complete or partial) invalidity, ineffectiveness or conflict with the legislation or agreement(s) of one or more regulations of the general conditions doesn’t affect the validity or effectiveness of the other regulations.

Article 3 – Proposal

  • Every proposal by Agastya Yoga is non-committal. Agastya Yoga publishes the proposal in writing (by publication on the website).
  • The proposal mentions in a clear and comprehensive manner the following information:
    1. The manner of executing the study agreement;
    2. The starting date of the training;
    3. Any condition under which the training might not proceed;
    4. If applicable: the admission requirements for the training;
    5. The price including all extra costs and taxes;
    6. The mode of payment;
    7. The duration of the study agreement.
  • Without prejudice to the statements in 4.1 and 4.2, the non-committal proposal of a long distance agreement also includes the following:
    1. The identity and address of Agastya Yoga, including the visiting address of the establishment;
    2. The client’s right to annul the study agreement within 14 calendar days;
    3. The validity of the proposal

Article 4 – study agreement

  • The client is entering in a study agreement with Agastya Yoga by registering for a training. Registration for a training takes place by e-mail through the by Agastya Yoga provided digital registration form.
  • The study agreement is achieved between Agastya Yoga and the client when Agastya Yoga accepts the registration for a training in writing. The study agreement is considered to be achieved when Agastya Yoga has confirmed in writing to the client the registration and the receipt of the deposit for the training. This confirmation is also valid as a proof of registration for the relevant training.
  • The client can at any time cancel and terminate an agreement concluded for a specific duration. Agastya Yoga will provide the client with confirmation of this. If  there is an agreement concerning face-to-face instruction with a recorded starting date, the following cancellation provisions and early termination arrangement will apply after the end of any cooling-off period. In that case, the client pays: a reasonable fee for the work already performed, including the Start-up costs. For the sake of clarity, below you will find a summary of these costs as a percentage of the course price. These percentages relate to the maximum fee to be paid in case of cancellation by the client:
    • Cancellation until 2 months prior to commencement: 10% of the course price will be charged, anything above this will be refunded by Agastya Yoga.
    • Cancellation between 2 months and 1 month prior to commencement: 20% of the course price will be charged, anything above this will be refunded by Agastya Yoga.
    • Cancellation between 1 month and 2 weeks prior to commencement: 30% of the course price will be charged, anything above this will be refunded by Agastya Yoga.
    • Cancellation less than 2 weeks prior to commencement: 50% of the course price will be charged, anything above this will be refunded by Agastya Yoga.
    • Termination after the start date course: In the event of termination after the start date of the course, 50% (as start-up costs) of the agreed price, after deduction of study materials not yet received, plus the costs of the academic year already expired, regardless of whether you attended the meeting(s). The total costs shall never exceed the course price. In principle, the costs of the course you have already followed will be determined as follows: – The costs in proportion to the number of days during which the course was followed, including the current day.
  • Cancellation prior to the commencement of the face-to-face instruction, or early termination, will take place in writing, or as the case may be by electronic means.
  • For the E-learning courses provided by the Agastya Yoga Online Academy, the annulment of the agreement is possible within 30 days (thirty days). The term of 30 days starts from the moment that the e-learning has been purchased and access to the E-learning platform has been facilitated. Annulment within 30 days is only possible if the client has accessed less than 25% of the course. If more than 25% of the course was accessed the client looses the right for annulment and refund.
  • Manipulating the study progress by for example submitting blank assignments, skipping the lessons (e.g. completing 30 hours of video in 1 day), making excessive use of our refund option will lead to the expulsion of the  client from the e-learning platform. Agastya reserves the right to terminate the study agreement with immediate effect, waiving any right for refund, in such a case of manipulation by the client.
  • The client is not authorized to transmit the rights and obligations of the study agreement to any third party.
  • In case of insufficient registrations for the training, Agastya Yoga is entitled, without obligation of any compensation, to annul the study agreement at any time, either in its integrity or partially. In case of cancellation of the training, Agastya Yoga has no obligation to compensate any damage except for the compensation of the course fees paid by the client.
  • These general conditions are integrally part of the general provision of information by Agastya Yoga and will be announced explicitly to the client prior to the study agreement and placed at the disposal corresponding to article 6:234 of the Civil Code (Uttarakhand). At the request of the client, Agastya Yoga will send a copy of the general conditions free of cost.
  • The general conditions are part of any agreement contracted with Agastya Yoga regarding the participation of a Training.
  • If the client is entitled to a refund payment, Agastya Yoga will process the refund not later than 14 days.

Article 5 – Exams

  • The Agastya Yoga exam is an integral part of the training. The costs for the exam and the certificate are included in the course fee of the training.
  • Participation in the exam is only possible after completing the necessary attendance hours.
  •  In case the participant doesn’t pass the exam, the participant is responsible for requesting a retake of the exam in time. The participant is entitled to one retake free of charge.

Article 6 – Payment

  • If the application is accepted by Agastya Yoga, the client has to make a payment of € 200.00 (two hundred Euros).
  • The remaining course fees have to be paid ultimately 70 days (seventy days) prior to the starting date of the training.
  • Payment of the course fees in installments is possible at the request of the client, on condition that the complete course fees must be paid ultimately 2 weeks (two weeks) prior to the starting date of the course.
  • If the client doesn’t pay the remaining amount in time, the registration will be cancelled and the client will receive a credit note for the already paid amount of the course fee (see 6.5 for the regulations regarding credit notes).

Article 7 – Identification

  • When registering for a training, the client is obliged to register the participant with his/her complete name, as mentioned on his/ her identification card, on the digital registration form.
  • The client or participant who follows a training is obliged to carry a valid identification card during the meetings of the training and to show his/her identification at the request of the teacher or another functionary of Agastya Yoga.

Article 8 – Fees

  • The Course fees and the payment methods are mentioned on the Website.
  • All prices mentioned by Agastya Yoga are including VAT.

Article 9 – Liability Agastya Yoga

  • Participation in a course is entirely at own risk. If Agastya Yoga can be held liable for any damage that the participant suffers or has suffered as a consequence of the training, the liability, regardless of the basis of the liability, is in all circumstances limited to direct damage. All liability is limited to at most the sum paid by the participant for following (or letting someone follow) the training.
  • Liability for indirect damage such as consequential damage, delay damage, loss of profit or loss of turnover is excluded.
  • Agastya Yoga is not reliable for damage to properties of the participant.
  • Agastya Yoga is in no manner reliable for damage of any kind as a consequence of (potentially) incorrect or incomplete information, recommendations or advice provided in relation to the training. This includes (but is not limited to): the information, recommendations or advice provided by the teacher or through the educational material, the brochure or any other work resulting from or related to the Training.
  • Agastya Yoga is not reliable if a participant doesn’t follow the (safety) instructions.
  • The limitation of liability described in this article extends equally to all the people under Agastya Yoga’s responsibility (such as people who are employed by Agastya Yoga or who are appointed by Agastya Yoga for the execution of the study agreement).
  • If the client doesn’t participate himself or herself to the training but another participant does, the client is responsible to inform the participant of the regulations of the general conditions.

Article 10 – Provision of Educational material

Agastya Yoga provides the educational material on the first day of the training.

Article 11 – Absence teacher/examiner

  • In case of absence of a teacher or an examiner (due to sickness or impediment), Agastya Yoga will provide an equivalent replacement if possible. If replacement would reasonably not be possible, Agastya Yoga will inform the client as soon as possible and propose an alternative date on which the training or the exam will still take place.
  • In absence of a teacher or an examiner (due to sickness or impediment), the client is not entitled to receive (damage) restitution. Agastya Yoga will not charge any extra costs for providing substitute training days or a substitute exam due to the absence or a teacher or an examiner.
  • Agastya Yoga is not reliable in case of circumstances beyond control.

Article 12 – Confidentiality

Agastya Yoga, its staff and people working for Agastya Yoga will treat the information provided by the client or participant as confidential. On this matter, Agastya Yoga is conforming to the valid privacy legislation.

Article 13 – Personal information

Agastya Yoga processes the personal information provided by the client or participant conforming to the privacy policy available on the website.

Article 14 – Intellectual property rights

All intellectual property rights, including the copyright, concerning the by Agastya Yoga provided and compiled educational material (excluding books available in the market) are with Agastya Yoga. Nothing from these publications can be multiplied or made public without written approval by Agastya Yoga.

Article 15 – Modification of the general conditions

The general conditions can be modified by Agastya Yoga. Announcement of the modification takes place through personal communication or through general communication on the website.

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