Shatveer Singh Rana

Shatveer Singh Rana Guest Teacher

Shatveer Singh Rana
Guest Teacher

Master Degree in Yog, RYT200 Hatha Yoga, RYT300 Alignment-Prop based Yoga, E-RYT500 Yoga Alliance Certified
Shatver Singh Rana has a master degree in Yoga as well as Yoga alliance certified hatha yoga teacher..
He hopes to spread the universal message that brings people together, for a cause of self-realization and self-awareness, through the study of yoga.
Shatveer has been studying and practicing yoga since the age of 15. He went on to pursue his studies in Yoga at the Sivananda academy, and has been teaching oversees for over a decade. He has invested most of his time in studying how to make yoga accessible to people by understanding their own individual uniqueness. This makes Shatveer a very accomplished yoga teacher.
His infectious positive energy and his compassionate heart, sets him apart as a yoga teacher. Students admire him for his cheerful and jovial nature. He appreciates consistency, hard work and discipline. Shatveer endeavors to transform his student’s practice and perspective of yoga, so as to keep them healthy physically and mentally. Shatveer’s proficiency in hatha yoga has gained him a lot of respect and acknowledgement.
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